I collect things that fly!

Actually I like bird stamps the best and then aircraft and zeppelins.

My great grandfather flew on a zeppelin from Germany to New York in the late 1920’s. He also mailed a letter to my father that came on the same zeppelin and that is how I started to collect.

Bird stamps from British America are my favorite and flamingos from Bahamas are on the top of that list. Bahamas Scott #509 is a strip of five with very good illustration and I have a complete sheet of this stamp.

Many of the birds on Caribbean stamps migrate from the United States. So too do many retired people migrate there from Canada. In fact I believe at one time Canadian stamps were valid for certain special delivery mail service.

When I went to Africa last year I saw huge sized birds. I recall seeing bird stamps from Botswana and South West Africa but I was not prepared for the huge size and wing span of the birds I saw in Southern Africa. Malawi #418 illustrates something I saw with my own eyes.

We were at a wide stream and the high branches of the surrounding trees held quite a number of eagles. They swooped down for fish the exact same way that I had previously seen on the Malawi set in my collection.

Often I visit a place and feel that I have been there before on account of my stamp collection. But seeing the eagles in action instead of on a static stamp was something I will always remember.

There are still quite a number of bird stamps that I would like to purchase or at least download to my computer. Some dealers have large listing of birds with nice illustrations. But often you cannot download these as they are copy protected.

While I like to own the stamps, viewing them on the internet would be almost as satisfying and certainly a lot cheaper.  I wonder if there is a set of stamps with both birds and zeppelins on it.


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